Erin Bader Book

Erin Bader, (PhD, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Registered Nurse) is a writer, speaker, and Certified Life and Leadership Coach. She offers guidance on identifying your strengths and how to live a life of intentionality, significance and authenticity.

Do you ever wonder how your life became so full of busyness?

Creativity is more than an endeavor into the arts. It is a lifestyle in the pursuit of originality and innovation that utilizes our God-given talents and strengths to discover out-of-the-box solutions to the problems that keep us up at night.

Pursuing a life of creativity requires intentional time to cultivate quiet, mindfulness, meditation, and a proper sleep hygiene. This kind of intentionality will help us to have a clearer focus, decrease our stress levels, and give us the ability to be fully present in our relationships. This intentional lifestyle enables us to enjoy fun along this journey of life the Heavenly Father has gifted humanity with.

Creativity allows you to become more aware of your time busters and how to find quiet in the midst of technology, noise and chaos. But be warned: if you’re fine with a lifestyle of all-consuming schedules, then this is not a book for you. You will be challenged. You will look deeply at your motivations and you will discover new ways to define success.

Creative Presence will show you how to discover what your soul craves, break your bad habits, and chart a new course from a place of rest. You will learn how your brain is wired, answer thought-provoking questions to unleash deeper personal awareness, and develop new strategies to combat the busyness.